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Location Matters

Sep 28, 2020

Do you have to understand everything about geographic information systems to listen to this podcast? Nah, as long as you get the GIS(t) of it! On today's Location Matters episode, we're joined by the Manager of SLIP Location Services, Kylie Middleton, Senior Account Executive and Business Development Lead at NGIS, Krystle Dobson, and Senior GIS Consultant, Joy Miles. For those devoted Location Matters listeners, you may remember last year we had the Director of National Geodesy at Geoscience Australia, Nicholas Brown, on the podcast to discuss what GDA2020 is, how GDA2020 will impact businesses and the benefits of adopting it. A year on, we get to chat with the people helping businesses migrate from GDA94 to GDA2020 about the pain points businesses are facing, the resources out there to help businesses migrate and how to ensure your business is set up for a successful migration.

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