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Location Matters

Nov 11, 2019

Remote sensing technology enables us to understand the environmental change over time and gain insights into the extent of deforestation or environmental impact of a mine from exploration through to rehabilitation. In this episode of Location Matters we're joined by Sam Atkinson, General Manager at EO Data Science and Krystle Dobson, Senior Account Executive for Resources at NGIS Australia. We cover the key challenges faced used remote sensing, the role remote sensing can play in preventing tailings dams failures and how Krystle and Sam see the resources industry evolving with the advancements in cloud technology.

In this episode:

1:16     What is remote sensing and what are the types of remote sensing out there?

4:40     What are some of the key challenges to using remote sensing?

5:40     What information can you capture using remote sensing and what insights can you pull using this data for the resources industry?

9:30     Can you tell me about the effects of tailings dams failures and where you see remote sensing playing a part in preventing these tragedies?

11:35    How accurate are InSAR systems?

14:30    Have the techniques changed recently with how we work with remote sensing data?

15:40    How do you see the resources industry evolving over the next few years with the advancements in cloud technology?

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